Natural Haircare

Pūrvala’s patent-pending haircare platform is based on novel keratin-binding proteins and peptides. We custom design the proteins to perform specialized functions, and use advanced bioconjugation techniques to create high-performance, bioinspired compounds composed of natural building blocks including protein, lipid, and peptides.

Pūrvala is developing three products using our natural haircare platform.


Hair Repair

Biological building blocks—a custom-engineered protein bioconjugated to lipid—restores natural structure to damaged hair.

- Protein design ensures strong, durable hair binding at points of damage

- Component lipid restores natural, protective sheath around hair fiber, returning performance and appearance of undamaged hair

- Safe, biocompatible materials—entirely free of toxic chemicals

- Environmentally friendly, biodegradable components

Hair Shaping and Straightening

A novel engineered protein locks chemical bonds and fixes hair in a straightened configuration. A chemical-free application process ensures safety and environmental friendliness.

- Strong chemical bonds ensure a durable effect: hair straightening persists after 10 washings

- Simple and quick application process employs no synthetic chemicals

- Lack of toxicity and ease of administration provide options for either salon- or home-based application

- Environmentally friendly, biodegradable components

Hair Coloring

A custom-designed hair-binding protein bioconjugated to melanin—the natural compound that gives hair its color—delivers a high-performance, all-natural hair colorant.

- Patent-pending technology provides a durable color effect: Tight protein binding translates to long-lasting hair color treatment

- A broad range of shades are possible, determined by the amount of melanin bioconjugated to the protein

- Non-toxic: Safe, biocompatible protein and amino acids contrast with highly toxic coloring treatments typically used today

- Low-waste, biodegradable components ensure environmental friendliness

- Salon-based or at-home product provides multiple distribution and product format options